Our History

When We Began

The Greater Falmouth Mostly All-Male Men’s Chorus (GFMAMMC) was founded in 1990 by Tom Goux and Tom Aldrich, highly respected local musicians, to provide an opportunity for singers interested in performing choral music in an informal yet challenging community setting.

The original motto of the GFMAMMC was “Sing from the Heart – Sing Till We Part.” Chorus members were expected to do two things: take the music seriously and have fun while doing so. Some but certainly not all of the original chorus members had experience with part singing. Very few were sight readers. There were no auditions. Under Mr. Goux’s careful guidance, however, the GFMAMMC developed into a capable unit in which those members with greater musical skills were expected to assist those with lesser skills, resulting in a balanced sound that could be applied to a range of musical genres.

Who We Are

Over the GFMAMMC’s history, the credo has been to take the music seriously and have fun doing so! All musical skill levels can participate in singing – no auditions are required; just a love of singing!

In 2015, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Chorus’ founding, its membership voted to change the name of the Chorus to the Greater Falmouth Community Chorus, and to shift to the harmonies of a mixed voice chorus: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. True to our roots, we continue to include traditional American men’s glee club harmonies (Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Baritone, & Bass) in our performances.

Where We Have Performed

During the course of its musical career the GFMAMMC was often joined at its spring concerts by other musical organizations, local and not so local, whose talents when combined with those of the host chorus made for some memorable musical performances. The John Salerno Orchestra, pianist George Engels, the Atlantic Clarion Band, Hyannis Sound, Celtic Tide and the Maureen Haley School of Irish Dance, Eddie and Donna Scheer, Notescape.cod, groups of kids from the local schools—all these and more have helped make GFMAMMC performances pleasurable experiences for young and old.

Although the GFMAMMC was founded as a community group, the Chorus has over the years embarked on some adventures outside the Falmouth area. These include performances in other Cape locations (Hyannis, Yarmouth, Sandwich), off-Cape New England (Sharon, Mystic, Boston, New Bedford, Marlboro), Washington DC, and perhaps the most memorable of all, a European trip in 1996 that allowed the Chorus to perform with the Schelde River Pilots’ Chorus in Vlissingen, Holland. The opportunity to perform in the glorious St. Jacob Cathedral in Vlissingen was one never to be forgotten by those chorus members fortunate enough to be present.

Our Annual Falmouth Events

Closer to home, the GFMAMMC has since its founding been present at the Memorial Day ceremonies held each year at the Falmouth Veteran’s Memorial in front of the town library, and also performed at Veterans’ Day ceremonies in the same location. Although not officially “concerts,” the May and November performances always consist of twenty or more chorus members willing to turn out to honor the nation’s bravest. The town veteran’s affairs agent referred to the GFMAMMC as “the heart and soul of the ceremony.” The Greater Falmouth Community Chorus is justifiably proud in continuing this tradition.

More Writings

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