Rehearsal Notes 10/10/13

by Director on October 11, 2013

Nice work TEAM – We are really having  good sounds in some of the pieces -


I will be available again this Thursday at 6:30 for any bass or baritone that would like help – - – I would strongly encourage all b/b to be there by 6:45 and I will cover the “road map” for African Noel.


Stopping  by Woods –


Please remember Damian and the Ladies are singing the top line –  Tenor {2} is the middle line and B/B the bottom line.

I am liking a quicker  - light tempo for our interpretation and mark your scores to WATCH me for the last “”And miles to go …..”


African Noel –


I will cover the “road map” for parts on Thursday at 6:30 for b/b -


Into the Night –


Over all – nice work – we will be following dynamics pretty much as written – we will work on that again this coming rehearsal – so PLEASE read the words – mark dynamics and review.


Also Measure 51 – 57 – where the accomp changes drastically in contrast to the choral lines – we will need to sing with great confidence and building – building – building – the dynamics.


Who’s That Baby -


We worked quite a bit on measures 41  - 50 just re-read – accenting all of the entrances in measure 41 and again in 45


We will work on this one again Thursday as well


Various Themes on fa – la – la –


Have I mentioned  - – - – WATCH THE CONDUCTOR ! ! !









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