Rehearsal Notes – 10/3/13

by Director on October 8, 2013

First of all THANKS to our great accompanist – Debbie Carlisle – we had a very productive rehearsal – and the over all sound is really shifting and coming together.

If you were at rehearsal – please make sure you have the following noted – if you were not – you will have a little work to do on your own to catch yourself up to date.

Specific notes for last week are as follows:

Do You Hear What I Hear -

Bass part is now singing the lower note beginning on page 5 with the Rrm – pm – pm – etc

Stars I Shall Find -

Watch the “hair pin” crescendo and dimuendo in measures 10-12, 19-20 and 47-48 – just that little nuance will bring a very professional sound to the sections.

Measures 17 and 53 – remember the word Mu – sic – is prounounced with a tenuto {full value given to the notes} and the word ends with a BIG K

Mu- siK

Stopping by Woods -

We were all going to read – or research and discuss for a few minutes – what the words mean to each of us.

In terms of practice – just work on the words so we can deliver the message of the song clearly with good diction.

Who’s That Baby – The MEN are sounding AWESOME  – - – we need to look at measure 40 to the end – the you tube link with collegium musicum male chorus is a great tool

Variations on Fa-La-La

The only tricky part will continue to be the entrances  – especially the entrance to the William Tell OVerture – measures 25-27 -

Please mark your parts to watch me on those sections and do yourself a favor and memorize words and notes for those few areas so we can  – all keep an eye on each other.

All in All a VERY GOOD rehearsal -

As a side note – it is 90 degreees here in Sunny Sarasota and I am thinking of all of you and the beautiful sound we are creating as I drink my coffee and stick my toes in the water.

See you all Thursday ! ! !

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