THANK YOU Everyone!

by Director on June 11, 2013

Hi Everyone,

THANK YOU so much for all of your hard work this past season. Our concerts went very well  Saturday and Sunday, and I’m quite pleased with the outcome and I hope you are too! Our audiences enjoyed the program and the wonderful talks that you put together for each piece. We’ve received many nice compliments from people who attended the concerts!

I have really enjoyed working with you these past 4 years (9 seasons, wow time flies!) You are a very dedicated and hard working group, but also a lot of fun to work with. It is always great to hear how everything comes together at the end of the season at the concerts. All along, I have been impressed with the fact that you come together as a chorus to learn, practice and make music, but at the same time you have fun, even while working on the most difficult songs! I think this is such an important aspect of performing music. Not just at the rehearsals, but at the concerts as well. If the chorus is having fun, then the audience senses it and responds to it. DON’T STOP HAVING FUN! Keep going in this spirit. As I’ve seen and as you have seen, we can still put together some very difficult pieces and enjoy doing it! (ex. What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor, Sweet Adeline, Danny Boy, Battle Hymn of the Republic, and countless others!)

On a different note, (pun intended), thank you for the beautiful sand globe with the inscription, that you all (or y’all) gave to me after the last concert.  It is proudly displayed in my music room at home and will continue remind me of working with you!

Have a wonderful summer and good luck next season. I look forward to hearing you in December!


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