5/9 Rehearsal Notes

by Director on May 14, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I set out a sign up sheet for the concert talks. We still need people to sign up to talk about:

Alexander’s Ragtime Band

In My Merry Oldsmobile (see below)

Meet Me in St. Louis

Till We Meet Again (small group)


At last Thursday’s rehearsal we looked at:

Oh! How I hate to get up in the morning: We ran through this, and overall it is in descent shape. We changed the word “amputate” in the chorus section to “steal away”. Please have that marked in your score.

In My Merry Oldsmobile: We spent some time with this, and I reached the conclusion that we won’t perform this arrangement of it for the concert. It is a very difficult arrangement and our time is too short to do it justice. I have found a good solo version, so what I think I would like to do is to have two people who are interested in singing a solo, split the song up. It is not hard! The range is a good Baritone or T2 range. Basses with a could upper range (middle C, D E) or Tenor 1s with a good low range (D, E below middle C) could handle it too. The lowest note is the “D” below middle C, and the highest is a quick “E” above middle C. There are two verses, so I’m thinking one person could sing each verse, then both join together both times for the chorus section. Please speak to me at this Thursday’s rehearsal if you would be interested in singing one of the solos.

Keep the Homefires Burning: We ran through this, tweaked some notes and practiced it without accompaniment. It is coming along well.

We finished up rehearsal with Alexander’s Ragtime Band, focusing on pages 8 – 11, putting it together with the piano part. Please remember that some parts on those pages are “staccato” and should be very light, while others are still supposed to be smooth and legato. For example, on the bottom of page 8, you should sing “Al-ex-and” smooth, then sing staccato from “and-er’s rag-time band,”
At The Next Rehearsal:

We will run through “Sweet Adeline,” “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” and “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” We will dedicate a good portion of the rehearsal to “Meet Me in St. Louis,” and also continue with “Danny Boy.” I will dismiss the chorus early (probably at the break), so I can work with the small group for “Till We meet Again” (Damian, Arden, Jay and Marvin). PLEASE be on time to rehearsal so we can make the most of our time. Be ready to go at 7pm sharp! Remember, we only have 6 rehearsals left before our concert!

Thank you!



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