5/2 Rehearsal Notes

by Director on May 3, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Great rehearsal! We also had some wonderful auditions for the small group “Till We Meet Again.” The results will be out shortly! Next week I will be putting out a sign up sheet for concert talks. If you are interested in talking about one of the pieces we are performing during the concert, please sign up! I already have a lot of background material on each song I can give out. I’m hoping to focus the talks on how that piece of music reflected what was going on in society at the time it was written.

We looked at:

Sweet Adeline: We focused mostly on the chorus section of this piece, cleaning up some notes and working on it without accompaniment. We also ran through the whole piece a few times with no or little accompaniment. It is coming along well, great job!

Danny Boy: We spent time working our way through the piece cleaning up some entrances and focusing on dynamics. Please focus your attention on the last couple of pages. Basses, particularly check out the bottom of page 7 into the top of page 8. Baritones, look at the top of page 4, and remember that “sun-shine or” are all on the same note, some of you try to go down early on “or”.

Apple Blossom: We ran through this a few times, and focused on the harmony part for the baritone bass. Please make sure you don’t end up singing the melody down an octave when you enter on the chorus, you have a harmony part there. For everyone, remember to keep this whole piece light. Don’t focus on every quarter note, but focus on the down-beat of each measure, so we really bring out the “strong weak weak” feel of the waltz.

Oldsmobile: We took a few moments to go over page 4, mostly making sure that the T2 and Bari were ok with their switches. This piece will be the main focus of our rehearsal next week.

Puttin’ on the Ritz: We started running through the first half of this with the piano accompaniment part. In general, make sure you are ok with the rhythms. It should be light and snappy. It is important that everyone is right together on the rhythms.


At the next rehearsal:

We will focus our efforts on “In My Merry Oldsmobile,” reviewing sections we have looked at and going over the parts we haven’t gotten to. We will also continue Meet Me in St. Louis, Puttin’ on the Ritz, Danny Boy and Alexander’s Ragtime Band.

We will also be handing out The Navy Hymn and The Service Medley for Memorial Day. If you already have copies of these pieces, please put them in your folder.

Thank you everyone! Keep up the hard work!


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