4/25 Rehearsal Notes

by Director on April 27, 2013

Hi Everyone,

We got a lot done at the 4/24 rehearsal, especially on our barbershop pieces!

Sweet Adeline: We spent a good amount of time singing this a capella, and tightening up any places where there was some trouble with notes or tuning. Next week, we will focus more on the last half of this piece without the piano. Focus on the last page especially with your CDs, Great job! Very nice blend.

Meet Me in St. Louis: We learned from the start of “Chorus 2″ to the end. It’s coming together very well. Next week, we will go back to the beginning and look at the parts we had started rehearsing a few weeks ago, and put the whole piece together. With your CD, practice the end of this piece the most. The chords during the “tag” are the most challenging part of this piece I think. It is important to get it in your ear so you know where your part is heading.

In My Merry Oldsmobile: We reviewed and learned up to page 4. Next week we will continue on and hopefully push through to the end of the piece. If you areĀ  T2 or Bari, please see my post from the 3/21 Rehearsal, and make sure you have all the places where you switch parts marked clearly in your score for our next rehearsal.

Keep the Home Fires Burning: We reviewed this, and next week we will try to get used to doing it without the piano.

Alexander’s Ragtime Band: We worked on the 2nd half of this piece, starting with the key change on page 11. We focused mostly on putting it together with the piano part.
At the Next Rehearsal:

We will continue with the pieces listed above, and hopefully go over Danny Boy and Puttin’ on the Ritz.

AUDITIONS NEXT WEEK: We will have the auditions for those of you interested in singing in the small group for “Till We Meet Again.” If you are auditioning, please have the chorus section figured out as much as possible. We will only sing the chorus section during the audition. I will play the parts with you so you can hear it all together. It would be nice to have some more tenors and basses audition, if you are interested, please email Marcy and she will send you the music so you can look at it.

If you are auditioning, please come at 6:30pm (May 2nd)

Thanks everyone, see you next week!


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