Spring 2019 Music files

by Director on March 18, 2019

Well, here you go!  All formats are .wav files which means it should play on pretty much anything.  There are two files for each voice part: a voice part alone and then that voice part with the accompaniment.  There is also a file of just accompaniment in case some of you are feeling frisky and want to sing your part again the piano.

One note: the file for Va, Pensiero was created by someone else.  What this means is that, when the music has a forte marking, the volume gets LOUD.  When there’s a piano marking, the volume gets really QUIET.  I tried removing those fluctuations, but was unsuccessful.

Here’s the link to the folders: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HoCZyUH9RHtoyfqn341uVpBS9L_JtzFa

Enjoy and have a great season,


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