Christmas Music Files

by Director on September 19, 2018


First, apologies that these have taken so long.  Second, I decided to put up the ones I have — I’m experiencing a few “issues” with three of the pieces and hope to have them done and up by at least your next rehearsal (hopefully the weekend).  A change from last year — the files are .wav files rather than midi files.  They play very well on the computer and give a true distinction between the piano used for the accompaniment and the English horn used for the voices.  Another change — empty measures at the beginning of pieces have been eliminated on the solo files only.  This means that, on the files with only your individual part, the music starts immediately — no more waiting around for the ghost accompaniment to play!  I’ve also made one more new file for each piece — the accompaniment ONLY.  This means that, once you learn your part and practice it with your part and the piano, you can practice your part without your solo line being played — this really tests your knowledge of the music and I thought it might be fun for you to try.

Here is the link to the GFCC Christmas 2019 folder!

Best of luck — Martha

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