November 25 Rehearsal Notes

by Director on November 1, 2017

Field of White – Remember in the changing time signatures  – the pulse is constant not necessarily the eighth or the quarter but the PULSE.


Pages 8-9 be careful to count most of the entrances come in on the last beat and carry over the bar  – - -COUNT ! !

Alleluia – PLEASE make sure you have the dynamics marked  — -I will review again at next rehearsal especially pages 4-7


Colors of Winter  – full pause at the end of measure 48  – no ritard in 49-51 – full break at end of 51 and then slight ritard to end with a fermata on last note.


Night of Silence is being sung as written until page 9


At Page 9 – Tenor and Bass sing “  Silent Night melody with words  first time through while Sop and Alto OOOOH “spirit among us” melody


On repeat T/B ooooh Silent night melody S/A sing words to Spirit among us -0





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