10.11.17 – Rehearsal Notes

by Director on October 12, 2017

Nice work last night CHORUS ! !


The Bach Chorales will be sung back to back – Hark a Voice Saith first -   - – -last 4 measures as intro – everyone on melody first time  – second and third verses as written in 4 parts – - there will be a cut off and then the 4 measure intro to God on High All Glory Be – First verse with soprani on words and everyone else “oooohing” their parts.  Second and third verses as written in 4 parts with words.  The selection with end with a “plagal cadence”  or AMEN.


Field of White – PLEASE listen to our blog recording and any other you tube recordings  – - – -remember the “beat” is constant through out the time signature changes  – - not the eighth or dotted quarter notes as indicated.


Into the Night – Its FUN – - “mysterious” – -enjoy the stroy and please mark and observe ALL dynamic changes.


Sleigh Ride – page turns seemed AWESOME last night  – -if you want to copy your scores so there are no page turns  – otherwise  – - – mark your music  – and remember  – - – WORD s – - – WORD s – - – WORDS ! ! ! !


PLEASE TRY TO SECURE ADS for our concert booklet  – -remember we do not survive on tickets and membership fees alone  – - Contact Jackie Nuccio with any questions or help you might need.


See you all next week -


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