Performances of songs in Spring Program

by Director on March 22, 2017

Here are links to either audio files of the songs or actual performances on YouTube.  (We found that some of the files on JWPepper weren’t complete, and they didn’t even have one for the Gershwin).  The Gershwin Portrait is actually in two files.  Part I is from the beginning to roughly page 65 at the bottom; Part II is from that point to the end.  Why they divided the file this way, I have no clue because it’s really quite awkward, but it’s what we have for a complete performance.

I hope these help.

Chattanooga Choo Choo

All the Things You Are

The Way You Look Tonight

Our Love is Here to Stay

The Pink Panther           Https://

Gershwin Portrait (Part I)

Gershwin Portrait (Part II)

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