Rehearsal Notes 4.15.15

by Director on April 16, 2015

Goodnight Sweetheart –   We have added two measures in the very beginning as a piano into -


Sh-Boom – a perfect example of how it is more difficult to navigate the “road map” of music then to sing the composition.

The song begins and continues to page 15 where the first ending is used – that ending takes you back to the first page measure 5.

Following through the score you end up at page 15 again and use the second ending {at the top of page 16}.

The second ending brings you through page 16 to the bottom where you will use the first ending and now repeat back to the top of the page.

At the bottom you will now use the second ending which brings you back to page 13 measure 21   “Shooby doo wop”

Continue through 13, 14 and half way through page 15.

Middle of page 15 at “To Coda” you go to measure 47 at the top of page 17.

WOW ! ! ! ! !


Keep up the practice with your CD’s and remember words – words – words – - -






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