Rehearsal Notes 4/24/14

by Director on April 26, 2014

First of all – THANKS to aLL WHO ATTENDED – we did a great deal of hard work in this past rehearsal and the few selections we worked on showed a great improvement through that rehearsal.


Battle Hymn – overall – start slower – softer – keep rhythms crisp and clean  – especially on the second vs. “In the beauty of the lillies”  – - — -also watch rhythm on “transfigured” – page 8 middle system.  Please also listen to your respective parts beginning on page 9 – the chorus does not have the melody – the audience does  – -BE CARFEUL ! !


Danny Boy - in general – watch breath marks -

T1/T2 watch the moving lines starting bottom of page 2 and continuing through top of page 3 – it’s a little tricky – since you are not always moving together.

Bass – careful with the marked rhythm patter beginning at top of page 6 – nice gentle – legato – but firm with conviction.


Proud Mary – really starting to come togehter – remember that the beginning should be more “hymn” like  – - – -  not giving too much away – relaxed and gentle – but a little formal -


Bass/Bari – just keep listening to that bass solo line beginning at the bottom of page 3.


Once the accompanist hits measure 26 – we all change – demeanor changes – big smiles  lots of energy  – if Tina Turner can still rock at 74 we can all definitley give it our best as well – ROCK AND HAVE FUN ! ! ! !


As I mentioned at this rehearsal – I will not be with you this Thursday – Deb has a list of things to work on – but will also be happy to play out parts that anyone of you need help with – bring a litst – and have fun -


See you all in two weeks -




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