Rehearsal Notes 4/3/2014

by Director on April 7, 2014

Siyahamba – coming a long nicely – try using the words “we are marching to the light of peace” in addition to the printed words this week.

Proud Mary – Baritones – don’t forget that you are singing the bass line beginning at the bottom of page 3  - back to baritone part on last note of measure 23 “rollin on the river”


If I Had a Hammer – just read the “road map” – we are doing the song as written with repeats and endings – the first ending on page 4 becomes and ending 1,2 – meaning we sing the section beginning on the middle of page three times – once with  If I had a Song – and twice with “Well I got a  . . . ”


Battle Hymn – over all  - pretty good this week – some minor “note” issues” – if you get a chance to watch the Mormon Tabernalce version on You Tube – pay particular attention to the rhythms in each of the verses and how “precise” they are executed.

Short notes for this week – see you all Thursday  - – - – -


THANKS AS ALWAYS for all of your hard work –  ! ! !

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