Rehearsal Notes 11.25.13

by Director on November 26, 2013

Just one major change last night -


Light One Candle  - we have take out page 12 and 13 – the music goes from the bottom of page 11 measure 60 right to the top of page 14  - it is piano solo – tenors come back in at measure 77 with their solo “What is the memory….”


Everyone should print and put the sing-a-long sheet into their binders in the correct location so we don’t have page turning  - etc at the sing-a-long.


We did decide that anyone who wants can bring a scarf – funny hat – antlers – what ever you like to put on during my announcement of the sing-a-long.


Please look at Light One Candle – Who’s that Baby {page 5/6 and 8} and Into the Night  - we will review each of these at the beginning of rehearsal Monday and then run the entire concert.


THANKS ALL – Happy Hanukkah – Happy Thanksgiving.

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