Rehearsal Notes 10/31/13

by Director on November 3, 2013

Energy – FUN – a couple of the things we need to add to all of our selections ! ! !


Notes on African Noel:

Tenor I and II – feel free to take the parts up an octave as we discussed at rehearsal.

All voices  look carefully at the transition from bottom of page 8  through the rhythmic section of 9/10 and a reminder we are singing only the top two braces of measure 81 taking a TI – T2 – Bari and Bass divisi.



Nutcracker Jingles:

Thanks Joe and Joe for taking the HA – Ha  -HA – at measure 8 {nice addition}


Remembering this selection is a little easier in the transitions since we have a cut off at the end of every one –  - Just be careful on page 11  we added a cut off at the end of the measure – with a cue to the accompanist and everyone back in at 71 – in other words – WATCH THE DIRECTOR THERE ! ! !


Various Themes on Fa-La-LA:

Although each individual section on this one is “relatively” easy – PLEASE – PLEASE – PLEASE remember – watch ME – the transitions will seem sloppy and unrehearsed if we are not all together.



Please remember if you are planning on singing Veteran’s Day with us – we will rehearse those selections this week at 6:30.


In addition, the holiday “gig” that Marcy referred to is Wednesday Dec. 18th  somewhere between noon and 2 – Please check your calendars and let us know Thursday if you are available so we can give the group an answer.






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